Why Your Donation is Important

In 2022, more than 50% of teenagers misused a drug at least once, with more than 109,000 deaths in that same period. The leading cause for young people starting down this path is problems in the home, with 45.5% of 8th graders engaging in substance misuse in Indiana doing so because of this reason.

of attendees have not used any substances
0 %
of attendees have built strong relationships with mentors
0 %
have not been involved in the juvenile justice system.
0 %

Your donations to Aaron’s Place help to support the prevention of drug use in young people by supporting programs designed to provide a place for them to learn and build a sense of belonging.

Join Us As We Change
The Trajectory of These Lives


Provides $10 travel gift cards for 30 campers for two months of camp
$ 0
Sends one child to camp for the entire year
$ 0
One full weekend of camp
$ 0
Mentorship training provided by mental health professionals
$ 0
Supplies for a year of camp and family activities
$ 0
Camp program delivery for staff
$ 0
All staffing needs - program delivery and required clinical and nursing staff
$ 0


Other Ways to Support
Aaron’s Place

Looking for other ways to support our programs beyond donations? We are always looking for additional help from mentors or volunteers.

Want to Get Involved?

Aaron’s Place needs people like you to help as mentors, camp facilitators, and volunteers.

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